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Self Pay at Priority Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Ellington, CT

Uninsured? Priority Urgent Care Can Help With a Self Pay Option and Low-Cost Health Care for the Whole Family

Self Pay- Priority Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Ellington, CT

Priority Urgent care and our group of caring professionals are here to take care of all your urgent medical needs even if you do not have any insurance.

We believe that health comes first and should be affordable. Hence we offer affordable self-pay rates to all our uninsured customers. This is charged on a tier system, based on the complexity of your illness and starts at as low as $125.

National data shows that urgent cares like Priority, saves a lot of money compared to Emergency Room visits for the similar complaints and similar treatment. And don’t forget the time we will save you so that you can get back to life, work and everything that is important! Also, all our providers are Emergency Room trained, providing you the same care but at much lower rates.

We offer vaccinations like flu shot, tetanus shot etc. at very low rates.

We offer physicals at low rates.

We have medications, X-Ray, nebulizer, crutches, splints etc. all available under one roof for your convenience.

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