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Poison Ivy Treatment in Ellington & Unionville, CT

Priority Urgent Care Provides Immediate Treatment of Poison Ivy and Other Skin Rashes. Call us Today or Request an Appointment Online.

Poison Ivy Treatment Near Me in Ellington, CT

Enjoy your outdoors but Poison ivy is spoiling your day? Or allergies and allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis making things “sting”?

Priority Urgent Care is here to take care of all your non-life threatening allergy needs . We provide quick and effective treatments to take control of burning/itching/painful rashes and the runny nose/eyes .

We offer an array of non-sedating medications as well.

We also treat Allergic Asthma with medications, inhalers as well as nebulizer treatments.

We are here to take care of your allergic needs at an affordable cost and in a trim fashion so that you can take care of what is more important – Life

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