Walk-In Pre-Employment Drug Testing Clinic Questions and Answers

Walk-In Pre-Employment Drug Testing Clinic Questions and Answers

Health and safety, integrity, and leadership is top of mind for employers across the United States and this is why pre-employment drug testing is a requirement for employment in the trades, law enforcement and professional medical fields. Priority Urgent Care offers fast and confidential pre-employment drug testing for employees and individuals, and we also accept walk-ins. Call us today or book an appointment online. We have two convenient locations to serve patients in Ellington CT, and Unionville CT. Call us today or book an appointment online. We have two convenient locations to serve patients in Ellington, CT and Unionville, CT.

Walk-In Pre-Employment Drug Testing Clinic Near Me
Walk-In Pre-Employment Drug Testing Clinic Near Me

Here are two scenarios that you may encounter with pre-employment drug screening

The first would be, you apply for a job, go through the lengthy interview process, and the company hires you. Now what? Well, first off, you will go through formal training, but even before you start work you also might be required to take a pre-employment drug test.

Pre-Employment Drug Screenings are used to offer an up-front result of their employee’s drug test. This is to show if they have any drugs in their system up to a certain amount of hours to days to sometimes weeks.

The second scenario would be, you own a business and need top talent for your big projects around town. But how can you reduce the risk associated with drug use among your employees? Well, you have each ready-to-hire employee take a pre-employment drug test.

Successful businesses need to have their staff attentive and focused while on the job to make sure nothing unsafe occurs. If a worker was not attentive or focused at the work place an accident could occur.

The point: pre-employment drug testing is beneficial for both parties: the employee and the business, and the key reason why urgent care centers now offer pre-employment drug testing.

Workplace safety is of the utmost importance for government, healthcare and business – small, medium and large – and by indicating on a job application that an offer of employment might be contingent on the results of a pre-employment drug test, an employer can help deter those who abuse substances from applying altogether. For workplaces that have employees in safety-sensitive environments, pre-employment drug testing is a must, and it can also help reduce the number of endless workers’ compensation claims involving drugs, even alcohol.

Here is some data just released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that will put everything into perspective on how substance abuse is a strain on both the workers compensation and healthcare system. Drug use represents as much as a five-fold increase in workplace injury claims; up to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims are directly related to workplace substance abuse; substance impairments may lead to 3.5 times more accidents; substance abuse may contribute to productivity being 33% lower than it would be otherwise.

What is Pre-Employment Drug Testing?

Pre-employment drug testing involves drug or alcohol testing that is administered to an employee as a condition of employment or to an existing employee for a new placement. The goal of the testing is to determine if the employee is suitably fit for a certain safety sensitive position. If you are an employee, or business owner, or business leader or government decision maker, urgent care is a great resource for fast and confidential pre-employment drug testing. Specimens are collected in strict compliance with agencies, like DOT and HIPAA, and the test is performed in a safe and confidential environment with quick turnarounds in results.

What is the most common pre-employment drug test?

Pre-screening drug tests typically look for the following illegal drugs: opiates (opium, heroin, morphine, and codeine), cocaine (crack, coke), THC (hash, marijuana, cannabinoids), phencyclidine (angel dust, PCP), and methamphetamines (speed, crank, ecstasy, and meth). The legality of pre-employment drug testing differs from state-to-state and it is recommended that employers consult with legal counsel on questions involving testing compliance with all relevant state regulations.

What is a pre-employment drug test, testing for?

Pre-employment drug testing protects the employee and the employer. Employees need to be responsible and safe in a variety of workplace environments, and businesses and organizations need to follow cost saving, preventive measures and pre-employment drug screening is a worthwhile investment: employers spend approximately $740 billion in direct medical costs, lost productivity, absenteeism, increased healthcare costs, and more due to drug use.

Priority Urgent Care offers fast and confidential pre-employment urine drug testing, and our service is for employers, business owners, and individuals. We offer testing in a confidential and comfortable environment and we provide quick turnaround times for results. If you are an employee, business owner or hire in the fields of healthcare, law enforcement, or government, then we encourage you to contact us through our website to learn more about our pre-employment drug testing.

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