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Health Snapshots in Ellington & Unionville, CT

Priority Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic Provides Board Certified Doctors that Provide Health Snapshots and Adults. Serving Ellington, Vernon, South Windsor, Rockville, Stafford Springs, & Somers, CT. Call us Today or Request an Appointment Online.

Health Snapshots Near Me in Ellington, CT

We also offer health snapshot

Under this we check your blood pressure , oxygen value , BMI  and random glucose .

This is a convenient way to keep a check on your blood pressure, weight, glucose control and see if the lifestyle modifications  are helping to move it in the right direction.

All these numbers have been repeatedly shown to have huge long term impact on your health and morbidity. It does not replace a physical exam or regular check ups by primary care physicians. It helps however, give you a snapshot of your vital numbers.

We offer these on a walk in or appointment basis and it is very affordably priced. It takes few minutes and can help you take a step towards a healthier you!

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